In endurance racing, there are many instances of miscommunication at the pro and amateur levels, particularly between track officials and racers. Flagtronics aims to reduce that miscommunication with a device inside the car that will inform the driver the live track conditions or other communications.

Among the Flagtronics engineering staff, there are two endurance racing teams, making the Flagtronics system truely a system that is developed by racers for racers. Before the release of the FT200 in August of 2021, testing dated back to 2016, where tens of thousands of laps were logged in an effort to gather the most data and driver input possible.


The result of the many years and laps of testing provided a system that accurately and reliably sends active track conditions as quickly as possible to the drivers while also providing race control with constant live updates. We have to thank ChampCar for partnering with us through this development time and for being the first major sanctioning body to commit to the Flagtronics system. The input from their staff and members were instrumental in making Flagtronics an easy to use all in one package for any race, racetrack, or sanctioning body.

Our vision at Flagtronics is to bring world class racing safety devices to all levels of racing.
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