The Flagtronics FT200 unit operates as a receiver, gathering information sent out by race officials to provide a live in-car track status for all local and full course conditions. Confirmation signals are also sent back to race control to ensure track status messages are recieved. Built-in accelerometers allow for instant messaging to race control when a major impact is detected. When equipped with a GPS unit, added features include Timing & Scoring ability, local flagging, and pit timer.
Flagtronics’ Track Director software enables maximum control over any racing event. With Track Director you have the following information and abilities all in one place:
 • Live monitoring of cars (location, speed, lap times, pit times, etc)
 • Individual car flagging (black flag, mechanical flag, pit message, etc)
 • Control of full track conditions
 • Control of local track conditions
 • Instant notification of major impacts
 • Timing & Scoring
Handheld controllers allow for instant changes to track conditions by race officials. Seperate remotes for the race director(s) and corner workers allow for accurate control of full and local conditions. While the Full Track Controller changes the state of all in-car units and Sign Boards, the Corner Controller only changes the state of in-car units and Sign Boards in its zone. All handheld controllers are battery powered and can be recharged via USB-C.
Sign Boards are installed at corner worker stations and are controlled by either handheld controllers (Full Track Controller or Corner Controller) or the Track Director software. Sign Board panels are modular and many sizes / shapes can be made easily. The LED display allows for better visibility and improved communication between race officials and drivers out on track, especially in low visibility conditions.
Broadcasters enable the flow of communication among all of the above items. Flagtronics’ broadcasters are battery powered and charge via either solar panel built into the case or USB-C. Some general setup rules are:
 • Locate broadcasters in areas clear of obstructions
 • Antennas should be mounted high for best performance
 • Distance between broadcasters will help to maximize coverage
 • There should be a clear line of sight from one broad caster to another
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