FT200 In-car Unit Only
FT200 In-car Unit Only
FT200 In-car Unit Only
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FT200 In-car Unit Only

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The Flagtronics FT200 ushers in a revolution in racing safety. The FT200 brings top tier race flagging capability, as well as messaging from race control directly to the driver. Available for purchase in 2020.

  • Rapid (with 0.1s) notification of flag conditions from race control & flag stands
  • Long range, highly reliable proprietary communications system
  • Lightweight, inexpensive deployment footprint for racetracks & sanctioning bodies
  • Inexpensive in-car equipment
  • Durable & bright LED matrix display with automatic dimming at night
  • User replaceable battery backup
  • CAN Bus & expansion system capable
  • Included or remote flagging antenna option
  • Flagging audit log on in-car boxes & race control
  • Web API for flagging information at the race level & car level for teams, race control, racetracks, & sanctioning bodies
  • End session timing & capability. Send the checkered flag when you need to when schedules go awry.
  • High system design flexibility to accommodate the needs of racetracks & sanctioning bodies
  • Custom message capability. Send Black Flag, Meatball and Courtesy Pit messages to individual or groups of cars.
  • Incident, Accident, & Stopped vehicle reporting for race control. Automatic yellow flagging options.
  • Timing & Scoring backup system if transponders fail.
  • FCC Legal.
  • Optional integration with flag stand display boards that allow conversion to fully digital flagging and a simple button press for in-car and on track flagging from flaggers.
  • Additional image for mounting location:

  • Critical Benefits
  • Fills in coverage holes between flag stations.
  • Gets dangerous cars who are unresponsive to black flags off track
  • Improve all drivers flag observation percentage
  • Helps novice drivers
  • Allows messages to dangerous drivers red misting around track
  • Greatly improves night flagging
  • Greatly improves low visibility flagging in conditions like fog or heavy rain
  • Allows flagging when drivers line of sight to flag stand is obscured
  • Capable of notifying race control of a stopped car or wreck
  • Gives team flag information in the pits for improved strategy & safety
  • Capable of providing blue flag to improve safety passing
  • Pit Timer that counts up so that it's clear and easy for the team & officials to see
  • Pit speed Warning as well as data for race control
  • Purple Flag speed warning (Code35 as example) as well as data for race control
  • Emergency services may be dispatched to accident
  • Tow truck may be dispatched to disabled vehicle
  • Color Blind supplementation as many color blind drivers can't distinguish existing flags
  • Avoid Black Flag confusion where multiple cars pit for the Black flag event of one car
  • Timing & Scoring backup system if transponders fail.
  • Passing under yellow mitigation; greatly improves passing under yellow data for race control
  • CAN Bus communication to allow users to integrate signaling in their logger, display system, &/or telemetry system.
  • Improves safety for racers, safety workers, & officials
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